Re: new file selector dialog?

On 2002.03.08 07:12 Naba Kumar wrote:

I don't know if you people will like it, but anjuta has an extremely
good file-selector widget. It has all the features of gtkfileselector
plus many more. I summarize the features below:

1) Clean, elegant and decent look.
2) Basic file manipulation, such  delete, rename, new folder etc.
3) Tab auto-completion just like gtk-fileselection.

I'd then recommend testing the auto-completion very well..
I don't know how stable/correct this is :-\ (I made it in a few days/hours)

4) Histroy browsing, like back, forward, up, home.
5) File type filter for various file extentions. This is something we
   have been missing in gtkfileselection for ages.

And it has a nice GList API for filling the list of possible filetypes :). Which is, in my opinion, very importand if it will be used in
for example GNOME 2.0...

6) Show/hide hidden files.
7) Single and Multiple selection mode.

8) Create new directory-button :)


Things need to be done if used for gtk+:

Very importand lines to port (in the filecompletion code) :
prefix = g_strdup(g_basename(full_prefix));
/* g_path_get_basename() in GNOME 2.0 */
path = g_dirname(full_path);
/* g_path_get_dirname() in GNOME 2.0 */

1) It was basically designed for gnome, but the widgets used are basic
gtkwidgets. so, there should not be much problem in cleaning up the
code for gtk+ only. In fact, we are ready to do that.

2) API wrappings to provide backward compatibility to the old gtk

People wishing to try it out can get it from gnome cvs at:

.. the files gnomefilelist.c and gnomefilelist.h

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:freax @

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