Re: new file selector dialog?

On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 22:12, Naba Kumar wrote:
> I don't know if you people will like it, but anjuta has an extremely
> good file-selector widget. It has all the features of gtkfileselector 
> plus many more. I summarize the features below:
> 2) Basic file manipulation, such  delete, rename, new folder etc.

I guess this is a windows influence, but that seems to me like
overloading the file selector with an awful lot of functionality.
IMHO "new folder" makes sense in a "Save" dialog but not in an
"Open" dialog -- same story for "Rename" and "Delete" (in 
descending order of how much I think they belong in the file
selector dialog at all :>).

But that's just MHO. I suppose the right thing to do is come up
with a standard API that allows pluggable replacements for the
dialog; usability testing can determine which of the contenders
that emerge is the best one to make the default, and people who
prefer another can install whichever they like.

How easy is it, by the way, to replace GNOME components like this,
without having to recompile, screw up your RPM database, etc.?

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