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Hi people!

I'm starting to learn GNOME development so I started to write a client
of VGA Planets strategy game (anyone knows it?).
This client will be heavily based on GnomeCanvas, because the main
display will be a starchart where the user can click on planets, ships,
and make marks with messages on it, and so on.

Already I have working a very basic starchart with planets and ships,
when the user clicks on a planet, appear data on a sidebar describing
the planet.

Now I'm stuck in some issue that although it seems not too important,
this feature will make the client more usable.

Well, let me explain it: in the GnomeCanvas I have CanvasItems being the
planets (as ellipses), when a user click with the mouse on the canvas,
the mouse pointer have to go to the nearest planet and select it, so
that the user wouldn't have to "aim" to that little circle called planet
:-). The idea is doing the same with ships, so button1 is for planets,
and button3 for ships.

Can anyone give me a tip where to read to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe - Argentina
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ICQ UIN: 6782045

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