Re: 1:30am URL handler idea

On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 01:43, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> Heya everyone...
>  Assuming that the URL handler configuration is going to stay in GNOME
> (for the various URL types, like SMB and mailto and such), the
> configuration is a pain for the average user.
>  What I was thinking was that applications could set (in some kind of
> database - most likely gconf) a set of type/name/command settings. 
> I.e., Evolution would have, for URL type "mailto", an entry with name
> "Evolution" and command "evolution '%s'".
>  Now, in the URL configurator, for each URL type, there would be a drop
> down box containing all the registered apps (plus one entry for custom,
> along with a blank line, or also None).  Thus, if I had Balsa,
> Evolution, Althea, etc. installed, I could go to the CC and just select
> "Balsa", instead of typing in a command string (which is mean to ask of
> newbies/idiots).

This sounds like what I implemented. The only trouble is that there does
not appear to be a way to retrieve all of the apps from the gnome-vfs
app database, so some additional metadata will be required for this to

>  And then, to make life even easier for said idiots, apps like Evolution
> could pull the Windows "This application is not the default..." messages
> (just so long as they have a "do not bother me with this crap again"
> checkbox), so that a newbie user who installs Evolution on their machine
> after using, say, Mozilla for while, and runs Evolution, can
> automatically get it setup as their default.
>  And, of course, Evolution and others should have some
> button/checkbox/whatever in their config windows to set the app as the
> default, and/or enter the URL configuration handler (so the user can get
> to it from a sane/easy-to-remember place).
>  There might be an advantage in using text files over gconf for this in
> that OS packages can drop files for their supporting MIME types with
> command in, for example, /etc/gnome/url.d/foobar.  Of course, I suppose
> gconf2 will have a nice enough command-line program for the apps to do
> it that way...
>  Anyways, just a suggestion I thought might make life easier for some. 
> I'm probably just being an idiot like usual, tho.  But everyone here
> should be used to how much of a moron I am.  ^,^
> Sean Etc.
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