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On 2002.03.09 13:02 mdew wrote:

Problem with Anjuta's Dialog and to an extent...GTK's default


Anjuta still has the Dir/File structure...just like the GTK1.2, which
is old school..which should change to something like my design (dir
and files appear in the one pane) and can ordered in a number asc/
des ways..

It's not oldschool, it's your opinion. And while it is okay to have
an opinion, it's not okay to all something "old school" just because
you dislike it. They call that flaming.

My personal view om that issue is :
I don't see why both dirs and files should be in the same listbox.
I dislike the fact that I have to search in one listbox for 30 minutes
to find a file thats at the tail of the list (because the dirs are in
front). Most users have a massive amount of directories. Finding a
file is very difficult then. (while the fileselect widget should make
it more easy to find files. Else a simple textbox and a "open" button
would be good enough I guess).

Your design is like the Windows filedialog I guess, which I
"personally" dislike a lot. Aldo I agree that new users (that come from Windows) will like it (they will feel better when using a known
filedialog). However, we are not making a Windows-clone .. we are
making a good userinterface. There is a difference imho.

The fact that "I" dislike that design however, does not mean that
it really is a "bad" design. It just means that "I" dislike it.

Tab-filecompletion or any completion (which I use most) is
imho more easy to use when both the dirlist and the filelist
are seperated. Generally I think the filedialog is more easy
to use when both are in seperated listboxes. I also belive that
completion is importand. It makes all much more userfriendly.
I am not sure that completion like most browsers have is a
good idea .. I personally dislike that when working with
filedialogs. -- again, thats just my opinion --

There is no history "Selection".

Anjuta's file dialog is more like a few extra icons up top, but not
really a big change from the same GTK file selector.


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