Re: new file selector dialog?

On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 01:17, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> > Anjuta still has the Dir/File structure...just like the GTK1.2, which
> > is old school..which should change to something like my design (dir
> > and files appear in the one pane) and can ordered in a number asc/
> > des ways..
> It's not oldschool, it's your opinion. And while it is okay to have
> an opinion, it's not okay to all something "old school" just because
> you dislike it. They call that flaming.

Im *not* flaming, I was just pointing out the flaws in the Anjuta
dialog...yes its my opinion...Im not trying to start a Flame-war here.

Linux mdew 2.4.18-xfs-preemptive #9 Tue Feb 26 11:45:49 NZDT 2002 i686

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