Re: new file selector dialog?

On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 16:32, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> Ya, that would help for a lot of people.  But not everyone. 
> If GNOME doesn't deal with idiots, it'll never make it in the home or
> the true corporate desktop.  Sad fact, but I've found it to be true.

Agreed. But when it has been decided that a new selector (except fix for
losing filename bug) won't be in 2.0 (which disappoints me, but that's
how it is) then at least we should implement the help button. It
shouldn't be a major problem to get that into 2.0. Then work can
continue for a new selector in later revisions. Which is ok, since you
won't expose your idiots to 2.0 anyway, but wait at least for 2.2 and
until some major apps are ported.

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