Re: new file selector dialog?

On 8 Mar 2002, Naba Kumar wrote:

> Screenshot:

Although this looks better than the vanilla gtk fileselector it
still *seems* to have the same annoying property as the gtk
fileselector: It use a *tiny* window size.

I´m working on a 1600x1200 desktop and my directories contain
lots of files. I don´t know how often I´ve resized the gtk
fileselector in my lifetime already. So I really wish it would
either adjust its windows size dynamically acccording to the
(visible) desktop size or at least remember the last window
size. If I´m about to select a file I want a window which
covers 3/4 of my screen and not a tiny one which only shows
pathetic 7.5 filenames at a time (I´m talking about the gtk
fileselector here).

Karsten Weiss -

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