Re: GNOME and printing

Ali Akcaagac wrote:

hi, my opinion about cups. it sucks. i run kde myself these days but i dont
use cups. it uses an old ghostscript rippoff for their raster2ps stuff without
any possibilities to have it used in ghostview (either ggv or kghostview) this
makes it necessary to install ghostscript aswell. also the driver support for
the old ghostscript version sucks. but this shouldnt hold you to freely
implement CUPS support for gnome. in worst case you still need a valid
ghostscript besides cups and i dont see the point of having cups and
ghostscript laying around on my system.

I don't think a double installation of Ghostscript should prevent you from using a modern printing system.
Anyway, I found this statement (

"<snip> With the increasing number of Linux distributions shipping, or considering shipping CUPS as their standard printing system, we have had many requests to provide patches to the standard GNU Ghostscript source distribution so that they can ship a single version of Ghostscript.

Thanks to funding from EPSON, this has finally happened. Easy Software Products now produces maintenance updates of GNU Ghostscript under the name ESP Ghostscript. </snip>"

you are at least right with one of your statements "it SEEMS to become the
standard' hopefully it wont. the majority of people still use a lpr or lprng
together with apsfilter.

I'm sorry that I have to disappoint you: According to, CUPS is the primary printing system of Red Hat, Mandrake, Caldera, Conectiva, easyLinux, Lycoris and other Linux distributions. And those who use lpr or lprng should have no problems with CUPS, since it provides both System V and BSD style command line tools.

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