Re: automated panel launchers for users

ons 2002-05-29 klockan 17.35 skrev Joe Schartman:

> Im new to gnome dev and interested in how to automate, perferably by 
> script, the creation a gnome app launchers.

This could be be very usefull I guess..

Quite a few panel settings are stored under the gconf key


If the panel listens for changes, it might be possible to create
a pannel by a little gconf-tool:ing... Well, a little experimenting
tells me that it does not listen for changes, but killall gnome-panel
did the trick. 

A similar idea:
When you create the first edge-panel in your desktop, I think the panel
should offer to add some usefull items for you. Like the foot-menu, a
taskbar, a clock and a few standard launchers (stuff like nautilus,
galeon, gedit...)

What do you think?


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