Re: capplets: 1.2->2.0: HOWTO wanted

Hi Glynn

> In GNOME 2.0, we now just have preference dialogs - they aren't
> integrated into a control-center shell anymore. Have a look at some of
> the existing capplets in gnome-control-center - while they all share
> some common code that makes life easier, you'll see they're pretty
> simple.
Yes, now I noticed. Yes they are. But most of them have no "OK"/"Cancel"
buttons - only "Close". Is this an absolute requirement for good GNOME2
capplet? Since one of 2 my capplets is XKB configuration capplet, I
consider entire XKB configuration as one "committable" unit - and don't
want to update it "partially". Or is this not an appropriate behaviour?

> One piece of advice would be to use glade and libglade in designing your
> UI..and 'few' is better than 'more' in terms of the amount of
> preferences :)
Well, there will be as many parameters as necessary to configure XKB

Also, another question: if I want to add another folder into
"Preferences" (like "Advanced" but "XKB" - for 2 my capplets) - what
should I do in my installation scripts? I would like to have these
capplets separately (anyway, they are not part of the GNOME project


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