Re: ? gnome_startup_acquire_token in GNOME2

>  From memory, this feature was implemented by setting a property on the 
> root window.  There are a number of problems with this, including:
You are absolutely right! I just temporarily copied
gnome-session-startup.c from GNOME1 into my project - but still hope
there is a better way...

>    1. Using the root window does not give you "once per session"
>       behaviour, but instead "once per screen".  If you really want once
>       per session, then this may cause problems in multi-head setups.
>        If you mean once per screen, then you will need to change what
>       your code looks like in order to perform the initialisation on all
>       screens.
... I did not think about this issue. Never worked in multi-head

>    2. causes problems if you run more than one session on the same
>       display: consider getting X to start a single xterm.  Run
>       gnome-session once in the xterm, then close the session.  Run
>       gnome-session again.  The second time, you would still have the
>       left over startup tokens.
Not a problem, at least for me. I am ready to allow "bad behavior" in
this situation - well, for my program:)

> Maybe you could get a better answer if you explained what you wanted to 
> use the API for.
Actually, what I want is to set XKB configuration once per ???. I am
really lost here since I do not know how XKB interacts with Xinerama. If
every screen has to be initialized separately - well, I really want
"once per screen" behavior. If XKB configuration is global for all
monitors - then I have to invent some "once per session" behavior.
As a way of doing this, I want my capplet to add itself into the session
startup sequence (again, do it only once!). Probably, that's it.

So can gnome-settings-daemon help me with my problem?


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