Re: bonobo coplie error

On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 11:53:39PM +1300, Michael Honeyfield wrote:
> I am hoping someone can help me with this.
> When I try to compile bonobo-activation I get the following error:

Compiling from tarballs (which version?) or CVS (gnome-2-0 branch?
HEAD?)? If you are compiling from CVS, when did you last update? This
sort of information will help us narrow down where the problem is (or if
it has been fixed in the meantime).

> gcc.real: Bonobo_Unknown-Common.c: No such file or directory
> gcc.real: No iput files

What script are you using in place of gcc? The "gcc.real" and
misspelling of "input" seem to suggest that there is another layer

For what it's worth, I have not seen this problem, so I am suspicious of
your build method.


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