Re: bonobo compile error

Mark McLoughlin wrote:


On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 21:28, Michael Honeyfield wrote:
Mark McLoughlin wrote:

	Bonobo_Unknown-common.c gets generated by orbit-idl-2.
Are you seeing that file? Are you building with srcdir != buildir?
Have you tried rebuilding bonobo-activation from scratch? Is there

I can not fine the file Bonobo_Unknown-common.c. I did find its referance in the make fiel with in the bononbo-activation subdir. I am not sure what this "srcdir != buildir" means I have not seen that before.

	cd bonobo-activation/bonobo-activation;
	make Bonobo_Unknown-common.c

	If that works, well then .. hmm .. something

Nope no luck, make  outputs :

make: Nothing to be for `Bonobo_Unknown-common.c'.

The plot thickens... :)

strange is going on ...

Good Luck,

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