Bonobo control vs. widget

Hi list,
I'm confused with some Bonobo ideas, i.e. the difference between a
BonoboControl and a BonoboWidget and that between a BonoboControl and a

I've been fooling around with Bonobo yesterday. Since I found no current
documentation or complete reference, I figured eog would be good to look
into a bit.

Bear with me if I use MS terms in the following, I've played with OLE...

So I wrote the following:

icontrol = bonobo_get_object (EOG_VIEWER_CONTROL_IID, "Bonobo/Control", &ev);

like eog-shell does. I called it "icontrol" because I figured
Bonobo_Control was an interface, but it started feeling kind of wrong
after a while.

First, I placed the Control inside my BonoboWindow like eog does,
with bonobo_control_frame_bind_to_control() etc. Worked fine and I even
had an eog toolbar and textless but clickable (?) menu in my UI.

Then, for some exercise, I replaced the controlframe stuff with
bonobo_widget_new_control_from_objref() and box_packed that. Still worked
fine, but got me no menu and toolbar this time. So my questions are:

- Why does the ControlFrame procedure give me UI but not the Widget one?
- When do I have to bonobo_object_unref()? After every BONOBO_OBJREF?
- What's a good resource to read up on the current Bonobo mechanisms?
Everything I found was either incomplete or outdated (i.e. didn't even

I hope somebody will take the time to answer my questions. Many thanks
in advance.


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