Re: gnome-terminal's I pointer shape

Tony Houghton <tony realh co uk> writes: 
> Ages ago I wrote a patch to make it stick to the conventional pointer
> shape, complete with GUI-selectable option. I think I lost it though. If
> I rewrote the patch, would there be any chance of it being accepted in
> the official version? I realise Gnome now has a policy of the fewer
> options the better (not something I necessarily agree with), but would
> an option that's hidden from the GUI, but settable with gconftool, be a
> happy medium?

You haven't given any rationale at all for making it an option - all
the rationale in your mail is rationale for just changing it flat-out
by default.


Those questions need to be analyzed when adding any option.

To answer the question, it can be an option if you can give rationale
_for making it an option_ which is not the same as rationale _for
doing things differently_.


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