gnome-terminal's I pointer shape

Again, I'm not really sure whether this is the right list, is there
anywhere with more detailed descriptions of what's on topic for the
lists than <>?

Anyway, I dislike the way the pointer turns into an I shape when it's
over gnome-terminal, although I don't mind it (almost) disappearing when
I type, except I keep thinking the single visible pixel is a dead
element in my TFT monitor ;-).

There are two problems with the I shape. One is that it makes the
pointer harder to pick out against text (in my preferred config of black
fg and light grey bg anyway). The other is that there's no obvious
active tip, which can make selecting text tricky. It's not too bad, but
would probably be worse at smaller font sizes.

Ages ago I wrote a patch to make it stick to the conventional pointer
shape, complete with GUI-selectable option. I think I lost it though. If
I rewrote the patch, would there be any chance of it being accepted in
the official version? I realise Gnome now has a policy of the fewer
options the better (not something I necessarily agree with), but would
an option that's hidden from the GUI, but settable with gconftool, be a
happy medium?

TH *

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