gnome 1.4 mainmenu>Favorites == gnome 2+ mainmenu>???

 RE: gnome 1.4 mainmenu>Favorites == gnome 2+ mainmenu>???

Under RedHat 7.2 & 7.3, I have added user apps to the gnome 1.4 main menu by
putting the appropriate .destop file under ~/.gnome/app so that the associated icon
for the .desktop files get created under the mainmenu>Favorites

For RedHat 8.0 and gnome 2, I have noticed that the corresponding .desktop files also get
created at ~/.gnome2/share BUT where do/shoud  the icons end up ?
There is NO mainmenu>Favorites for this platform.
How should apps those example apps be added to the control panel or main menu using the
existing .desktop files ?

Regards, Joe

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