gconf2 schema installs as user.


Now that I'm happily running red hat 8.0 and don't have full homedir 
install of gnome2, I'm running into issues when I try to compile some 
applications and install them as a user in my home dir.

Ideally, this should just work, but currently it fails due to gconf schema 
installs.  Specifically, it determines correctly that the primary source 
of schema files is located in /etc

However, if I understand gconf correctly, based on my /etc/gconf/2/path 
file, schemas placed in
would also be picked up by gconf, right ?

So my question is - wouldn't it make more sense if gconftool-2 
--get-default-source reported a location where the current user has write 
permissions, or, possibly an extra flag, which would then be used at 
install time ?

I understand the fact that there's a difference between the user running 
configure and the user running make install, which is why it would seem to 
make more sense to me to move the actual call to gconftool-2 to the 
install rule in every Makefile so that it figures out an installable 
location for gconf schemas.

I just want to ask here what you consider the best way to make this work 
by default in both cases (user installs and system installs).



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