Re: The Gnome Clipboard Manager

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 02:07, Martin Sevior wrote:

> HI Philip,
> 	This is a great feature for the Gnome platform. In addition to the
> features you've listed here there should also be RTF targets. Both AbiWord
> and Cross Over Office support cutting and pasting Rich Text Format text.

Okay. Normally GNOME Clipboard Manager supports any targettype that is
listed in the TARGETS target of a selection. Support for a specific
target in GNOME Clipboard Manager means that the target can be edited.
For the editing of such a binary targettype I think the best that can be
done is to launch the viewer that can handle the data. Once saved, Gcm
should then ask to update the target-data too.
> I'll try to find time to implement RTF targets. The Code Weaver guys
> have promised to fully expose RTF from MS Office to the X-clipboard.

> (One advantage of actually paying for a product is that you get to file
> bugs and people fix them for you :-)

I have a 'payed for' copy of Crossover plugin but not for the other
codeweaver packages. So I cannot file bugs for those applications :) 
> AbiWord supports or will support most these text formats so we might able
> to reuse it to do conversions from whatever <-> whatever using the
> abiword import/export filters.
Okay.. also supports copypasting formatted data over the normal
selection channels. The problem with is that it does this
in gzipped data and it's own XML format, and that it does not (yet)
support copypasting of for example HTML. Also Evolution does not parse
the HTML if you copypaste a selection with a text/html target into the
html-edit box in case the HTML-formatting is selected. I think that this
would be a rather simple fix and that it would make Evolution a more
powerfull E-mail client. So if somebody from Evolution is reading this :
please get this 'feature' into Evolution :)

And for the guys : does all the nessesairy
efforts to make other applications 'use their' clipboard. It exports it
in all nessesairy formats; so that is not the problem. But it looks like cannot read a text/html selection. Why not?

And for the guys : Is the text/html selection always in
UCS-2? Or is it only Mozilla that does this? And how can I detect in
which formatting a specific target is being delivered?

If you want to implement the RTF target into GNOME Clipboard Manager
then I suggest that you do this using a plugin. It is possible that the
pluginsubsystem does not yet allow you to dot his 100% correctly. If
that is the case, feel free to extend the pluginsubsystem or ask me to
implement new functionality into it. I have not yet set any ABI
specifications on GNOME Clipboard Manager yet so adding new features to
such libraries is not a major problem for me.
Also make sure that you subscribe to the gcm-devel mailinglist

And post your patches there

Philip Van Hoof

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