Re: LibXML2 Indentation

tis 2003-04-29 klockan 01.29 skrev Ali Akcaagac:

> Short question, is there an environment flag or something that allows
> LibXML2 to indent it's created files instead putting everything into one
> line ? e.g. force every GNOME application to write it's xml based
> configuration in a nicely indented way ?

Not as far as I know. There are two functions: xmlSaveFile and
xmlSaveFormatFile. The second one does what you want.

But since whitespace is significant in xml, using xmlSaveFormatFile
might not be an option.

> If such an option is not availble then I would like to know this too so
> I can write a bugreport about this.

It's not a bug. But an environment variable to toggle indentation might
be a nice feature for developers.

	- Jens

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