Re: Patches for libgtop-2.0.1 for Solaris

lÝr, 2003-02-15 kl. 17:10 skrev Ben Taylor:
> I got motivated last night and ported the changes out of 
> libgtop-
> into libgtop-2.0.1.
> They are compiling correctly under garnome for Solaris 8/X86 and Solaris 
> 9/X86.
> One caveat that I found was that in libgtop-2.0.1, a define for 
> u_int64_t was
> placed in config.h, but I found out immediately that this broke 
> gnome-system-monitor
> because it couldn't determine what a u_int64_t.  My temporary solutions was
> to put an #ifndef u_int64_t into glibtop.h, and that got it past that 
> compilation issue.
> These should be considered alpha patches.  I've got it compiling, but 
> I've got all sorts
> of other issues getting the rest of Gnome-2.2 building under Solaris, so 
> I don't know
> for sure if they actually work.
> Email me if you want the patch.

Please put them in under the libgtop product
if you can.


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