Re: GNOME support in RH8

On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 04:12:01PM +1200, Franck Martin wrote:
> That's an interesting new concept...I think glade for gnome2.0 is not ready
> and this is a huge problem, as there is no cool development platform for
> Gnome2.0.
> How does it integrates with anjuta?
> I think the new versions of Gnome should not be released until glade and
> anjuta are able to develop applications with the latest Gnome libraries.
> That would avoid developers to go in the racing game to catch up with gnome
> development.
> I think gnome2.2.0 has been released and nor anjuta nor glade is gnome 2.0
> complaint yet...

Glade works fine with GTK 2, GNOME itself uses it extensively.

I don't see how holding back bugfixes and features from all GNOME
users will speed up anjuta, the two things are just totally unrelated.
If you want to fix anjuta, go fix it, GNOME being released isn't
stopping you.


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