Re: gnome-vfs/GIOChannel for parsing

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 11:34, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> You should probably take a look at GMimeStream (which I was thinking of
> splitting out into GStream or some such name) in gmime CVS. It's very
> similar to CamelStream of Evolution... 
> they both support non-blocking i/o, buffered i/o, filtering, etc...

GMimeStream looks pretty good.  Some comments:

* I couldn't find the non-blocking I/O bits.
* Having a filtering architecture is cool, but I don't like having to
use a filter to read characters.  I think it's better to separate
cleanly into two different types of streams; those that read bytes, and
those that read characters.  This is how C# does it.
* I didn't see any bits that use GnomeVFS (looks like it would be easy
to fix though).
* GMimeStream is also GPL'd.  Maybe Ximian could make an exception for
parts of it though.

Clearly though, there is a desire for a real stream library.  If we got
the core bits of a stream library into glib, then GMimeStream could
derive from it easily enough to do what it needs.

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