Re: gnome-vfs/GIOChannel for parsing

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 11:32:39AM +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:  
> 	I spot a more acute relational breakdown here than I had suspected.
> Reading the gtk+-devel list archive for the last few days demonstrates
> otherwise - you're being unreasonable. It's true there are ~3k unread
> mails in my gtk+ folder - but I was mostly hoping to hack on Gnome.
> People shying from the archive, might remember me participating in the
> file selector design discussion in Boston - hopefully to some lasting
> effect.

You gave some views on the filesel in Boston, sure. So did I. Neither
of our views is the same as what's in the current writeup, which
*everyone else knew about* and *is participating in the discussion

Some of them may have seen where I highlighted the gtk discussion on
desktop-devel-list (though there's no reason I should have to):

And of course you didn't contribute a single mail to the technical
discussion, that I can remember, but you did post this:

> 	I'm thinking of big sweep direction, not feature addition - strategy.
> eg. "writing Bonobo out of Gnome" - the things that are not on the
> web-pages that I have read.

 - because that has nothing to do with GTK+ whatsoever
 - because I'm not going to start a big flamewar about Bonobo 
   for no good reason

I have always been totally upfront with you on what I thought was the
right thing. Last time I was considering the technical issue of
component technology, oh say nearly 2 years ago, I shared my views
with you prior to posting them publicly. Just caused me this giant
pain in the butt:

You can't accept any technical opinion without flaming the messenger.
Thus, people don't go out of their way to talk to you. Not so

There's always some excuse with you: you are hearing about vaporware
before it's ready (Hub), you are hearing about half-done-ware after
it's started (D-BUS), you are not getting personally CC'd on the
conversations (GTK+), whatever it is today.

I've tried to share things with you before, we've told you about
Bonobo reentrancy/lifecycle problems in person in Raleigh before,
etc. You do not listen. You do not fix. You flame. You have excuses. I
have stopped caring and am just trying to fix the software.

Everyone has a right to work on what they think is the best thing.



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