Re: Problems using GNOME on NFS

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 09:31:05AM +0100, Paulo Pinto wrote:
> I know that this question is a bit off-topic in
> this list but since it is related with the way
> Gnome works I've posted it here.
> At work I'm stuck with a Gnome 1.4
> instalation in a box that has /home under NFS.
> Now it seems that gconfd needs to lock the
> access to its files but since NFS doesn't
> support file locking, it fails. I've solved
> this problem by changing .gconfd to /tmp
> and creating a symlink to it.
> But now it is complaining about not having
> access to the database to get/set the keys.
> Does anyone know what hacks do I have to
> do to be able to fully use Gnome at work?

There are some instructions on
and also a GCONF_LOCAL_LOCKS workaround with an added patch.


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