Re: linc files lying around

Gérard Milmeister wrote:

I noticed that GNOME programs create linc file sockets on each
invocation. However they seem never to be removed. I guess they
are created by bonobo via orbit and thus in the GTK main loop.
You could say that they don't they much disk space and they may be
remove by tmpwatch for example. But RedHat's tmpwatch cron job doesn't
include the -a flag, so they are never removed.
Why can't they be unlinked on exit from the gtk main loop, as they
are never used again?
There is a linc-cleanup-sockets program included with the package that can clean up the sockets for you:

   $ linc-cleanup-sockets
   Cleaned 6 files 13 still live

It might make sense to call this program on session cleanup, maybe.


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