Re: LibXML2 Indentation

> When I go inside my homedirectory and go through all directories file by
> file and make sure that
> a) all permissions are set correctly files and dirs,

Why ?

> b) the contents of the data (either text or config) are still
>    consistent and not trashed,

How ? You open all your files ?

> c) re-chow'ing and re-chmod'ing stuff on demand,

What happened to them ?

> d) create a daily backup of my homedir for worst case scenarios.

This I can relate to.

> I pretty much think this is a normal user case. Maybe not every day by
> everyone but I belive that everyone does this once in a while.

Hm, I'd love to see the poll on that one.  With the exception of d), I
never catch myself doing those things on a regular basis, and I've never
seen other users (linux or windows or mac) do that regularly.  What
exactly happens to your files that you need to "audit" them daily ?


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