Re: LibXML2 Indentation

On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 02:50, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> > a) all permissions are set correctly files and dirs,
> Why ?
> > b) the contents of the data (either text or config) are still
> >    consistent and not trashed,
> How ? You open all your files ?
> > c) re-chow'ing and re-chmod'ing stuff on demand,
> What happened to them ?
> > d) create a daily backup of my homedir for worst case scenarios.
> This I can relate to.

Well, you know the situation when you go to the bathroom and clean your
hands 20 times the day even knowing they were clean already.. Or if you
go inside your house and close the door and then turn around opening the
door and close it again only to make sure it's closed ... Or you go to
the postbox open it and look if you got some snailmail then you move
into your house again and say 'wait did I looked clearly' then rush out
again and look inside the postbox again ?

Well ok so far for the fun.

Well I do these things on purpose I call this a cleanup process from
esthetical point of view, from correctness point of view and for
perfectionalism to have full control over the system. But I also like to
answer the questions:

a) I only check these things up and on demand correct them but this is
   only valid for my homedirectory. For the other stuff on my System I
   have written a bunch of scripts that takes care of that.

b) Yes I do Open all my files or at least verify that the things are

c) Nothing happened to them, I only make sure they are in the condition
   I like them to be.

d) Good :)

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