Re: [PATCH] Fix for gnome-panel/sgmldocs.make - a common Gnome bug

On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 05:29:57AM -0500, Art Haas wrote:
> This patch replaces the leading spaces with tabs. If the spaces are
> there the generated makefiles have lots of problems. The patch is
> against the gnome-2-2 branch.

Please file _all_ of these patches bugzilla (one report per patch, since
they are for separate modules). It is impossible to track bug reports
and patches via mailing lists.

> This problem is _very_ common with many of the gnome packages. It would
> be good for any maintainer to look at the 'sgmldocs.make' and
> 'xmldocs.make' file in their program and check that there are no leading
> spaces at the line starting '-ourdir'.

It only affects packages that have upgraded to automake-1.6 and at that
point it becomes obvious immediately, so currently they have been fixed
on an "as needed" basis.

There is a meta-plan in this respect, though, which is to have a common
module supplying these files so that fixes only need to occur in one
place. Coincidentally, I have been feeling guilty about not working on
that, so I am doing it today along with some other things that people
are about to beat me up for not having done yet.

That is why we have not been doing too much fixing of individual
modules, because it will be more efficient to do a "once off" pass to
port things across to the new common makefile fragment when I get my
tail into gear.

So, thanks for the patches, but please aim yourself at bugzilla.


Honk if you love peace and quiet.

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