Re: Funy focus behavior with OOo-1.1

Hi Philipp,

On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 08:47, Philipp Lohmann - Sun Germany - ham02 -
Hamburg wrote:
> For Metacity OOo refrains from doing window raising in most cases - most 
> of that nightmare is for WMs like dtwm (which on Solaris by default does 
> not prevent dialogues to come UNDER their document window).
> BTW what was the original problem ? Michael's mail did not contain that 
> anymore :-)

	I tried to explain it:

	run OO.o under Gnome (~any version)
	run another app on the same workspace (or another)
	click on the panel's task switcher to switch
	notice OO.o's utility dialog gets the focus instead of the toplevel

	NB. this happens even with the correct _NET_WM switch, so I'm guessing
there is a bogus raise happening in there (?).



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