Re: window list applet

Havoc Pennington wrote:

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 12:28, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
Please put the patches in The window list lives in
the gnome-panel product under the component "Window List Applet"

Ideally attach the patches in bugzilla in plain text, uncompressed.

If we add more toggle buttons to the prefs, so we have N toggle
         buttons, then we have 2^N or something combinations of settings.
Well, I do not really think we should treat that as N-dimensional space. Lets say, you have to answer N questions. If i-th answer is "negative" for you, it is negative disregarding other questions or answers. Sort of... :)

What I want to know is, which of those combinations are useful.
As I said before, we should not think about combinations.

In other words, how many big picture different "usage modes"
         are there for the task list.
In my experience, one can answer about 5-7 questions before he gets annoyed :)

This is an essential step to understanding how we could simplify or
         make more useful the settings, and to understanding why each usage
         mode is useful and whether we could create a usage mode combining
         the best of all worlds.
I don't think we can create one mode, combining all the best. Some person may like minimized windows from other workspaces, but I hate it. One of us would be unhappy.

It also allows us to understand whether the usage modes have
         interactions with other desktop GUI decisions (if so, then
         the usage modes are potentially going to cause problems,
         because then you have to make those other GUI decisions configurable
         also, and you get cascading combinatoric preferences hell).
What kind of interaction do you mean? And what other GUI decisions?

So basically, I would like someone to list:
           - all the settings that exist now
Ok, I would mark out 3 groups of settings.
- Workspaces content. That is which windows from which workspaces to reflect in the list and what to do with them when restoring. I do not make the list show all workspaces, so I do not care about restoring. But that's me, and it doesn't mean this setting is useless. - Grouping. When to group. Pretty nice and clear, except we cannot control when the grouping starts, in case of autogroup. - Size policy. That's what I found the worst thing. I had always wanted the list to be at the maximum size it can be, showing the buttons not too large, let's say not bigger than a given size. But what I had was very odd buttons behavior, the list could change its size when I focus other window, with 2 buttons it could be longer than with 3, and changing minimum and maximum size of the applet didn't really help. That's why I made another parameter, maximum button size. When you set that, the applet shoud get as big as possible, but the buttons should not get bigger than this size. Well, you may call it a different mode, or different settings, but it *is* a size policy.

           - the various settings that have been proposed
What else I'd like to propose is the sorting policy. Right now buttons in the list are sorted by window class and application, what I find not really handy. If I open mozilla, terminal and another mozilla, I expect the second mozilla to be at the end of the list, that is at the rightmost position, but it appears in the middle.

           - enumerate each combination of those (possibly lumping
             some combinations together)
           - write down which combinations are useful "modes," and why,
             and which combinations are useless
For me, only the content of other workspaces is useless, everything else is fine, and sometimes I'd like to change that on the fly.

           - from this see which settings are "standalone" and which
             interact to create "modes" of tasklist usage
If we do this, I think we will understand the problem a bit better,
       and be in a position to guess at the pros and cons of adding each
       setting. I would not be surprised if it turns out that some of the
       settings we don't have are more useful than some of the ones we do
I think doing this homework is a prerequisite to applying patches to add
more behavior modes to the window list.


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