Re: Evolution and support for rtl languages

On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 21:20 +0200, Arafat Medini wrote:
> Hi all,
> Evolutions interface is very buggy regarding rtl languages. This problem
> was reported long ago but no one seemed to care.
> After a chat with the evolution developers, the problem was downplayed
> stating that no one of the hackers uses ar locale and so there isn't any
> need to fix that problem.
I'm sure no-one from the evolution team told you "there's no need to fix
that problem". But rather that we are not sure how to fix the problem,
and, more important, that we've got a lot of other bugs to fix before
that one.

> But pls take a look at this screen:
> the interface is messy at it's best...
yes, it is

> In this regard Evolution doesn't match the standards set by the gnome
> project.
>  And I am against getting it included in the 2.8 D&D release if it
> doesn't have proper rtl support.
then, help in fixing the problem!

>  All the apps have it but the evo hackers don't seem to care.
> I mean haw can you ignore over 50 countries using rtl scripts and
> important languages such as Arabic hebrew persian etc... for an app like
> Evo? Which is a core app in gnome and which everyone will want to use.
nobody is ignoring those 50 countries, please don't be paranoid.

> Especially that every hacker was helpful regarding rtl only the Evo ppl
> weren't.
maybe because they can¡t help? I myself have no idea how to do the RTL
stuff, but I'd be very glad if it was fixed, not only because of the ar
locale, but because of *any* other locale that uses RTL.

> I want a clear view about this. Especially that this is not a light bug
> it's the whole app from a GUI perspective that is screwed.
my answer is not the official view, but I must say I have never seen
anyone refusing fixes for a specific locale, and ar is not going to be
the first. In fact, the other day Trent was looking at some of the RTL
problems. It would be also helpful if someone with a bit of knowledge of
how this should work tries to help in fixing the problems, instead of
saying non-sense about evo developers refusing to support arabic. Just
try to send patches for it, and you'll see nobody refuses them (unless
they're bad patches, of course).


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