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Or just point them to ?

Dean G wrote:

Increadable Development Persons,

Short: Finding programs is a horrible task in Linux! Lets make a new panel utility which searches programs.

I love Gnome, good job everyone!  Now, lets make it better!
I used Slackware for two years, switched to Debian last year.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New to Linux users can't find programs. Matured Linux users can't find new programs. Instead of searching Google randomly, why not get some help from thier own GUI?

Why not create a new utility for the panel that:
1. User enters keywords for a program they would like to run.
2. Program searches through some program description files (maybe the README and man pages for now, later Gnome and other program makers can make some standard program description file(s).
3. Gives you a list of hits (programs) and gives the user:
    a)  The program name
    b)  A button to run it
    c)  A short description of the program
    d)  A button to show/view the programs description files
e) Wether it is installed, a button to download/install it (OUCH! I agree, but this would be awesome.)
    f)  Program version, Newest version out there
    g)  Other ideas?

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