Inclusion of a trash applet in GNOME

Hello everyone,

The last time I've been working on a trash applet. It's progressing
pretty well and it would be great it it could be included into GNOME.

The current CVS version work pretty well. You can find it at Note,
it is in beginning fase and is functional in a way. It can already
remove files while dragging to it. There are of course some problems I'm
facing but I'll begin a new thread here or somewhere else later.

This mail is just a request for inclusion into GNOME and what the right
procedure is and what I have to do for it, except for delivering a great
applet, I hope :).

Well, bye, I hope to receive tips/feedback/answers ASAP, I've got
nothing to do this vacation anyways :)

Regards, Michiel

Mitario @ IRC
michiel eyesopened nl

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