Re: Inclusion of a trash applet in GNOME

OK, let me reply a little update of the progress. Emmanuele Bassi
(ebassi gmail com) has really helped a lot to put all the cool features
into the Trash Applet, thanks a lot :-)).

The Icon's state now resembles the actual Trash state (full or empty),
and you can open the Trash from the RMB menu. In the meanwhile I've also
setup up the buildsystem with i18n support which should work now.

The main things that need to be coded/done now are:
  * testing,
  * better warming/error handling with dialogs,
  * check the state of the trash every x time,
  * functional icon resize when panel resizes and
  * documentation

I'm hope I can implement these things too (shouldn't be too hard, I

The CVS repository is currently located at

If you have any suggestions or bugreports and such, please mail them to
me :-)


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