Re: Inclusion of a trash applet in GNOME

On Mon, 2004-26-07 at 01:21 +0200, Michiel Sikkes wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> The last time I've been working on a trash applet. It's progressing
> pretty well and it would be great it it could be included into GNOME.
> The current CVS version work pretty well. You can find it at
> Note,
> it is in beginning fase and is functional in a way. It can already
> remove files while dragging to it. There are of course some problems I'm
> facing but I'll begin a new thread here or somewhere else later.
> This mail is just a request for inclusion into GNOME and what the right
> procedure is and what I have to do for it, except for delivering a great
> applet, I hope :).
> Well, bye, I hope to receive tips/feedback/answers ASAP, I've got
> nothing to do this vacation anyways :)
> Regards, Michiel

I'm not sure but I think its getting late for 2.8, perhaps you should
shoot for 2.10?

Take a look at the following doc for how to propose your applet for

You should send something more formal to desktop devel list.


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