UPS monitor: help wanted!

Hi, fellow GNOMErs!

I'm the author of UPS monitor, a simple yet very useful application
which serves as a UPS monitor for "smart" UPSes that work with the
Network UPS tools system (

UPS monitor is already listed in and  Now,
my personal goal for UPS monitor (the rule-the-world directive) is:

- have it be included in the GNOME Fifth Toe package collection
- have it be widely distributed with popular distros (Mandrake, Fedora)
- have it be included in the base GNOME distribution

UPS monitor is already functional, and very elegant, thanks to the great
help of Eugenia Loli-Queru, a fellow GNOME developer and
artist/usability expert.  Now, to get to world domination, several
things are needed:

1) Translation and localization (i18n and l10n)
2) Nice documentation (GNOME compliant documentation, that is)
3) (tentatively) resort to the Autotools instead of having a manual

People, I need you for those three items!  I know nothing about these
processes, and am in dire need of time for my real life, so I need
help.  If you have some 5 to 6 hours to grant to this project, and
abilities in the following areas, e-mail me:


I need someone who wants to help me internationalize UPS monitor, that
is, convert the sources (a Python and a Glade file) for translation. 
After UPS monitor has been i18n'ed, I'm willing to provide full Spanish
and German translations after the internationalization process is


I also need someone who is willing to write a nice manual for UPS
monitor and modify the Makefile and stuff to make the documentation
install flawlessly.  People with a knack for writing short, concise,
useful explanations are needed.

The manual should also include a small, very small tutorial on how to
configure the user's UPS using NUT.  I can explain the process to anyone
who is willing to write the mini-howto himself.

Si hablas Español, or du sprichst Deutsch, you're also invited!


Is someone out there who is willing to lend his/her auto-fu to this
small project and help me make UPS monitor another autotools user?  The
makefile is really, really small, but autotools could help the user make
the build process much easier, and distros could make UPS monitor go
everywhere they choose to place it, instead of the default Makefile
targets UPS monitor sports right now.

Here are the rewards:

- a mention in the About box
- a mention in the app's Web site
- a mention in the ChangeLog
- a box of virtual beer
- You get to brag to your friends "Buy this brand UPS because it
includes software I co-wrote"!

The development process:

- I ship you the tarball
- You hack and destroy
- You send me a patch (if you choose, you can put yourself in the About
string on the app, in the Glade file)
- I incorporate the patch and make a new release
- We all smile and cheer

Once you're done and the new releases are out, I promise to lobby like
mad to get this app included in the GNOME Fifth Toe, into distros (using
my special insider contacts), and probably into UPS manufacturers'
driver collections.

If possible, I'll try to get UPS monitor distributed with the Desktop
release, and incorporate it fully into the GNOME development process.

So, let's start hacking!  Good day to you!

          Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)

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