Re: Question about GnomeCanvas transparency

Michael Welsh Duggan wrote:

I can't think of one off hand.  I would suggest making a
GnomeCanvasClipgroup out the union of all the circles and then
including a rectangle of the correct transparency over the entire
visible area.  The unfortunate part is that the GnomeCanvasPathDefs
that make up a GnomeCanvasClipgroup are made up of bezier curves, and
these can only be made to approximate a circle.  You should search
online for a good way to do this.
What I did as a workaround is to use solid color, on a canvas group, and place that group below the others. The extra problem that I'm having is that when this group is visible, if I scroll the canvas around, it takes a lot of CPU power, I suppose this is because there can be a lot of this solid colores circles (300 pixels radius, and about 100 circles, can be more!), and my PC is not that old: Pentium III 500 Mhz w/256 MB RAM and a TNT2 video card.

Thanks for the tip!
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