GnomeCanvas text item render speed issue

Hi again!

On my project I'm using a large GnomeCanvas to draw a star map, where little circles represent planets, and below those planets I place their names with text items. The problem is that the number of planets normally is 500 so I have to create 500 text items, and this seems to slow down a lot the game's star map initialization (on my PIII 500 Mhz, something like 10 seconds...veeery annoying!!!), you can see an example here:

...some weeks ago I wrote an email to Federico Mena Quintero, but got no answer, maybe he isn't the GnomeCanvas maintainer anymore (or he's just too busy), can anyone tell me if there's a way to speed up this text creation process? I looked at the web and didn't found any reference to something similar to this problem :-(

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