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On 03/16/2004 05:55:49 PM, Colin JN Breame wrote:
	 Tue, 2004-03-16 at 10:54 -0600, Alex Roitman wrote:
What if I don't have any printing system installed? I still could
use  the generic postscript backend to produce PS for whatever size.
However, the gnome-print config on the machine without CUPS  is
stuck with A4 and would not let me set the page size to anything

If I could switch the config to the PS backend somehow, I could
choose  between all the PS sizes. Is that possible? Maybe it should
be a  fallback when CUPS is not installed?

How does this fit in with the effort to make linux and others common?

Wait, I did not complain that I want to use another printing system.
I'm just saying that gnome-print has more than a single CUPS backend
and if CUPS is not there why don't we fall back to PS? Creating PS and
PDF is a very sweet functionality of gnome-print, and it's nice to have
it accessible on a machine without CUPS.

And it's nice to have it available in a configurable way, when an
application can lay out a printing job for a pre-selected paper size,
as opposed to laying out the printing job for A4 and then have user
change paper to A5 or Letter and have things running off the page here
and there.

Is there a free standard for printing that is widely acceptable?

I think PS is a kind of a standard, if nothing else then simply because
a good half of printers understands it. And it's documented and free
and has long *nix history. I guess I might be missing the question.

Is (sorry for the pdf but,
a moving target or an I being presumptuous?

Sorry, I can't answer that.

But getting back to the original question: is it possible or not to
somehow select paper size from a wider set (PS set)? How?
Please help!


Alexander Roitman
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