Moving (reparenting) a bonobo toolbar

First, a disclaimer: I really don't know anything about bonobo.

I'm hacking an existing application (gThumb), which uses bonobo to build
menus and toolbars from a separate xml file.

I would like to define a toolbar inside the UI xml but have that toolbar
packed inside a vbox (which is used to construct a sidebar), rather than
be another band below the main toolbar.

Unfortunately, based on the current bonobo documentation and code, I'm
having a rough time figuring out where to begin.  My instinct was to put
a BonoboDock in the vbox, and somehow move the toolbar into the dock.
But I don't know if I'm misunderstanding the purpose of BonoboDock, and
I can't find where it's documented.

I'm not even sure how to attempt that (to see if it would work), because
I'm not sure how to get the GtkWidget or even the BonoboDockItem given
the dockitem's name as specified in the UI xml.  gThumb uses bonobo
directly, rather than libgnomeui, so I can't use
gnome_app_get_dock_item_by_name.  There's bonobo_dock_get_item_by_name
but I don't know how to get the BonoboDock given only the BonoboWindow.
(By looking at libbonoboui code, dock is private and I can't see how to
get it.)

Any advice for the dazed and confused? :)


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