Re: Moving (reparenting) a bonobo toolbar


Nice question, but your trouble lies in core of libbonoboui implementation. 
Almost all API that you needed is private, so I am not sure, that it
is even possible to implement that. The interface that libbonoboui builds with
xml description is quite standard, it is hard to modify it. Firstly, just 
think seven times, do you really need to implement it.

The only solution that I see is the following - create you
MyBonoboWindow class derived from BonoboWindow and implement your own
BonoboUISync, then add that  sync in construction of MyBonoboWindow. It
is possible to do that with semiprivate libbonoboui API (#define
BONOBO_UI_PRIVATE). Your  BonoboSyncSidebar will handle the UI  (you can
mostly copy it from bonobo-ui-sync-toolbar implementation). Then you can
describe the UI as the followng:


Your sync should handle sidebar node and display all buttons in it. You can do
it in your sidebar vbox, or anywhere you like.

Or just write to Michael Meeks that we need more customizable BonoboWindow API,
and wait for it's implementation.


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