Re: Maximum network load in multiload applet

Le samedi 18 septembre 2004 à 10:07 -0500, Canek Peláez Valdés a écrit :
> [Sorry if this is the wrong list; I can't find a list about
> gnome-applets only]
> Hi; I made a patch to set a maximum network load in the multiload
> applet.
> Rationale: I've a DSL Internet connection (512 kbps), and I use a very
> old computer as gateway/NAT/router/etc. All the other computers in my
> house are connected in a LAN, and all of them use the old one to access
> the Internet.
> I think that is a very common setup for a home LAN.

what if you send something over your LAN ? a 10MB rate will blow your
netload, but it won't be displayed.

> The problem with the multiload applet, specifically with the network
> load, is that the current load is calculated against the maximum load
> that has EVER been detected. So, if I transmit a file within my LAN, the
> maximum load is set too high, and the load used by my Internet
> connection gets lost, because it's too small in comparison. And is the
> Internet load the one that matters to me. 

what do you think about a smarter time-based netload limit ?

Benoît Dejean
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