Re: Maximum network load in multiload applet

On Thu, 2004-09-23 at 09:04, Benoît Dejean wrote:
> Le samedi 18 septembre 2004 à 10:07 -0500, Canek Peláez Valdés a écrit :
> > [Sorry if this is the wrong list; I can't find a list about
> > gnome-applets only]
> > 
> > Hi; I made a patch to set a maximum network load in the multiload
> > applet.
> > 
> > Rationale: I've a DSL Internet connection (512 kbps), and I use a very
> > old computer as gateway/NAT/router/etc. All the other computers in my
> > house are connected in a LAN, and all of them use the old one to access
> > the Internet.
> > 
> > I think that is a very common setup for a home LAN.
> what if you send something over your LAN ? a 10MB rate will blow your
> netload, but it won't be displayed.

It's displayed. It takes ALL the applet; but it will do it anyway
without my patch (the maximum LAN load is, I believe, almost always
bigger than the maximum Internet load). I attach two little screen shots
of the applet: internet.png shows how the applet looks using 100% of the
Internet bandwith, and lan.png shows how the applet looks using 100% of
the LAN bandwith.

> > The problem with the multiload applet, specifically with the network
> > load, is that the current load is calculated against the maximum load
> > that has EVER been detected. So, if I transmit a file within my LAN, the
> > maximum load is set too high, and the load used by my Internet
> > connection gets lost, because it's too small in comparison. And is the
> > Internet load the one that matters to me. 
> what do you think about a smarter time-based netload limit ?

I thought about it too. Something like; after n seconds/minutes/etc, if
the maximum network load hasn't been reached, or the load has been much
more smaller in all that time, then we reset the maximum network load to
a smaller value or the initial default value.

I don't like that for two reasons:

1. When using the LAN load, the applet almost always will show a 100%
network load.

2. LAN transfers are, in almost all situations, very shorts. It took me
1 minute to transfer 200 MB in my LAN. And I RARELY transfer 200 MB in
one single transfer. I usually just move files, 10 MB at most.

In my perspective, there are a users (like me) that see LAN transfers
only as noise in the network load applet. The interesting ones are the
Internet transfers. And, if someone wants to monitor the LAN transfers
instead of the Internet's, then he can use the old behavior. With my
patch it's the default. Or he can set a fixed maximum network load
accord with his LAN velocity.

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