Search services (semi)officially (re)launches

Well, parentheses around word prefixes in the subject are just ornaments. 
First, let me excuse myself if this list is the wrong venue to spread this

What the hell is R talking about?

Search services!  Our mission: to build and provide the world with free
software tools that enrich and facilitate the computing experience.  Our
vision: a world where search is always available, fast and reliable - and
not wanting to rely on it is unthinkable.

What is this Search services thingie he just said?

I got tired, *truly* tired, of resorting to tons of tools to find what I
want on my computer.  See, like many here, I own about 160GB of data,
scattered all around in my hard disks (let's leave removable storage out
of the sentence) and I just can't find things when I need them.  Let's

- find and grep -r for odds and ends
- htdig (heavily customized) for developer documentation and manual pages
(I haven't counted how many)
- Rhythmbox and amaroK for music (about 13000 songs)
- Evolution for e-mail (since 1995, about 1GB of maildirs)

I hate it with my guts.  And I've started a journey to make this madness


Pour 2 liters of Python in a bowl.  Stir (gently) with gnome-vfs and
assorted OSS desktop technologies.  Add MySQL to your taste.  Serve
decorated with pygtk.

I've built a preliminary Frankenstein monster, which is usable and (I
think) now worthy of public testing.  Search services is the umbrella
project for:

- The metadata service: A multipurpose, extensible indexer and search
- Quick search: A simple, graphical search tool.
- python-inotify: An abstraction to the Linux inotify file notification
- python-UnixSocketTransport: An extension for the Python xmlrpclib
XML-RPC client library
- python-mytools: A collection of tools to run a private MySQL database,
catalog Python objects and perform blazingly fast queries on the catalog.

Where do I get this stuff?

I have questions?

Yes, U sure do.  No, no, that's actually the name of the song I'm
listening to.  I'm rambling again, sorry.  Direct any inquiries to me, or
to me *and* the list if you feel it's worthy of public discussion.  I just
request that you include my e-mail address in the recipient/CC list so my
Evo filters catch and flag those e-mails.


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