Re: Search services (semi)officially (re)launches

Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
> Well, parentheses around word prefixes in the subject are just ornaments. 
> First, let me excuse myself if this list is the wrong venue to spread this
> message.
> What the hell is R talking about?
> ---------------------------------------
> Search services!  Our mission: to build and provide the world with free
> software tools that enrich and facilitate the computing experience.  Our
> vision: a world where search is always available, fast and reliable - and
> not wanting to rely on it is unthinkable.


I am very interested in getting this working in a similar way to some of
the beagle videos and demonstration bits that have been floating around
for the last few weeks.

What are the current capabilities?  I was looking at getting it
installed here, but it seems your HOWTO install doc at the wiki is
currently unavailable without admin login, and I didn't have the time to
work it out for myself.
As soon as either a) the docs are available, or b) I have more time I
will be sure to take a look...

Tom Wesley <tom tomaw org>

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