Re: Followup: opinions on Search services

John (J5) Palmieri wrote:

So your statement about "real performance killer" should probably be
qualified.  As a general purpose statement, it is as precise as stating
that "good stuff is better than bad stuff".  Well, duh.

Okay sorry that was a bit too strong of a statement by me.

Adding on to this, if one designs their programs correctly the actual
call overhead is negligible.  The only reason one would optimize by
using a lower level language is if a block of code, usually in some sort
of long running loop, is taking too long to finish.  In that case most
of the time is spent in the call itself rendering the overhead of making
the call negligible.

The issue here is memory and the garbage collector rather than loops. The Boehm GC is particularly slow at allocating large objects on the managed heap and the resulting fragmentation causes both poor performance (the GC spends an inordinate amount of CPU time searching for free blocks) and excessive memory consumption.

Indexing large files requires dynamic allocation of large amounts of memory hence my opinion that garbage collected languages are not optimal for this situation. Im not a luddite and I do like both python and C# and I would certainly use them for GUI stuff over C anyday. However for a back end service that is both CPU and memory intensive I maintain that IMHO C in this particular case is a better choice.

Ok, this is getting a bit off the topic.  Sufficed to say telling a
developer not to use such and such language is counter productive.

Ok sorry I was not telling or demanding merely voicing my opinion on the subject. Im not bashing any particular language just giving my thoughts on what is best in this case thats all. Im certainly not trying to start a language flamewar and I have tried to keep my criticism of both search engines constructive.



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