Re: Compile error in gst-plugins

В Птн, 22/04/2005 в 11:09 +1000, Rod Butcher пишет:
> Thanks for replying Nickolay and Archana. Is there a reference point for 
> following what the state of current development is on various Gnome 
> components ? I.E. where can I check what is currently fairly stable, 
> what is getting major changes, and find out what the new/changed 
> features are ? Or do developers discuss this informally with each other 
> without using a public mailing list or whatever ?
> thanks
> Rod

Of course it's not true. Look
and also you can join #gstreamer channel on Gstreamer
developers are very responsive. There are various ways to get
information, but not all of them are easy :)

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