Re: Nautilus

ons 2005-12-21 klockan 12:46 +0000 skrev Jamie McCracken:
> At the end of the day its a distro thing (which is default).
> Ubuntu has browser as default though (most) others seem to stick with 
> spatial.

I really don't like the spatial view and I would agree on that it makes
the desktop too messy. It also differs from Windows and KDE (I don't
know how it is on MacOSX), making migration harder. I would suggest
making browser mode default and let the people that actually want
spatial mode configure it.

There is one newbie and perhaps off-topic thing that I've wanted to ask
for quite some time. (Ignore if it doesn't belong.) When my Nautilus
browser crashes, and I restart it, it starts without the --browser
option and I get spatial view. Is there a way to get around this? Thank

Jon Kristensen
President of Dedikerad

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